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You have one chance to make a first good first impression.

Are your guys up to the task?


A value for your money, Sqilz lets you choose from three pricing options available. Plus lets you add 100 users for just 199! Or you can try the app for 49.99 with 10 users.


Sqilz’ edge over other apps is that because it’s a mobile app, your staff can easily play anytime, anywhere. You can monitor the progress of your staff, add questions relevant to your current training program and much more.


Who says training can’t be fun? Because Sqilz is a game, you can ensure that your trainees will be more attentive than when they’re just reading or watching videos.

Your company, your teams, and our leaderboard.

Fill your customers with confidence as your employees dazzle them with lightning speed product knowledge.

We provide exciting ways to learn

What better way to encourage your staff compete with each
other in a fun ang engaging way than with a game?

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We get it. Lots of promises and not much definition.

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