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9 Fun Sales Competition Ideas to Light a Fire Under Your Team’s Performance

9 Fun Sales Competition Ideas to Light a Fire Under Your Team’s Performance

Is your sales team in a slump? Sometimes all it takes is a little friendly competition to get the gears turning and the sales pumping. We’ve compiled nine innovative and engaging sales competition ideas that are sure to breathe new life into your team’s performance. These contests not only drive sales but also enhance skills, foster teamwork, and make work fun. Let’s dive in!

1. Weekly Sales Blitz

Kickstart each week with a high-energy sales blitz. This short and intense competition focuses on individual sales volumes within a limited timeframe, usually a day or even a few hours. The goal is to create a sense of urgency and excitement.

  • Objective: Maximize sales in a short period.
  • Duration: 1-2 hours.
  • Example: Offer a reward for the team member who closes the most sales by the end of lunchtime on Monday.

2. Team Challenge

Foster teamwork and camaraderie with a group-oriented competition. Split your team into smaller groups and set a common goal, such as achieving the highest combined sales or most new clients.

  • Objective: Foster teamwork to achieve a common sales target.
  • Duration: Weekly or monthly.
  • Example: Create teams and offer prizes for those that meet or exceed their sales quota.

3. Product Mastery Quiz Show

Encourage your team to get to know your products inside out with an interactive quiz. This can be styled like a game show where contestants answer questions about various product features, benefits, and use cases.

  • Objective: Improve product knowledge.
  • Duration: Bi-weekly or monthly.
  • Example: Host a Friday quiz with buzzer rounds and rapid-fire questions, offering small rewards for correct answers.

4. Customer Feedback Contest

Enhance your service quality by encouraging your team to gather as much positive customer feedback as possible. Reward the individuals who receive the most glowing reviews.

  • Objective: Improve customer service and satisfaction.
  • Duration: Ongoing.
  • Example: Offer a bonus or a gift card for the salesperson who receives the best customer feedback each month.

5. Mystery Shopper Challenge

Utilize mystery shoppers to secretly assess your sales team’s performance in real-time. Provide feedback and rewards based on their interactions and sales techniques.

  • Objective: Evaluate and improve selling techniques.
  • Duration: Monthly or quarterly.
  • Example: Offer a reward to the member who receives positive evaluations from the mystery shopper and constructive feedback to those who can improve.

6. Referral Race

Increase your customer base by organizing a referral race. Motivate your team to gather the most customer referrals within a specified period.

  • Objective: Expand client base through referrals.
  • Duration: Quarterly.
  • Example: Track referrals and reward the person who brings in the most new clients with an attractive prize.

7. Flash Sale Showdown

Inject a burst of sales activity with timed mini-competitions during flash sales. This creates urgency and can significantly boost short-term sales.

  • Objective: Drive sales during flash sale events.
  • Duration: During flash sales.
  • Example: Announce a surprise flash sale and offer a reward to the first team member to hit a sales target within 30 minutes.

8. Cross-Selling Quest

Promote the art of cross-selling by rewarding team members who successfully sell complementary products. This not only boosts revenue but also enhances customer satisfaction.

  • Objective: Increase cross-selling skills and average transaction value.
  • Duration: Monthly.
  • Example: Track and reward the highest number of cross-sold products at the end of the month.

9. Leaderboard and Rewards

Keep the competitive spirit alive with a dynamic leaderboard. Regularly update it to reflect the top performers and offer enticing rewards.

  • Objective: Maintain motivation and recognize achievements.
  • Duration: Ongoing.
  • Example: Use a visual leaderboard in your office and update it weekly. Offer monthly and quarterly rewards for top performers.

What Could Go Wrong Without These Competitions?

Let’s imagine a scenario where a sales team lacks these lively competitions. Morale drops, sales figures stagnate, and the team feels unmotivated. However, with a sprinkle of friendly rivalry and structured goals, you can turn this around, leading to better individual performance and team cohesiveness.


Incorporating these fun and engaging sales competitions can transform your team’s approach to work, injecting enthusiasm and a sense of achievement. Remember, the key is to keep the atmosphere light-hearted and inclusive while focusing on skill development and performance improvement.

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